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Fishing Miami


Fishing Miami, South Florida Charter Fishing Guide Miami, and Southeast Florida, is home to some of the best saltwater sportfishing in the world. Fishing charter captains come and go, but you will not find a more knowledgeable, experienced and capable fishing guide than Captain Dennis Forgione. Below is a just a taste of what fishing in South Florida and Miami is all about.


During the winter and spring, Sailfishing off the South Florida coast is as good as it gets. There are quite a few Sailfish tournaments during this time of year and Capt. Dennis is available for tournaments. While kite fishing and drifting for Sailfish, it’s not unusual to catch Dolphin, Tuna, and Kingfish.

Sailfishing in Miami during the winter months is probably the best in the world. Sailfish are very acrobatic and have a tendency to dance all over the surface when first hooked. Anglers from all over the world come to Miami, Florida just to catch Sailfish. The season usually runs from November through May and can even last into June. During the winter, as cold fronts come down from the north, the Sailfish chase the baitfish, which are migrating south. Sailfishing over the last 10 years has improved tremendously due to the fact that they are all released. If the Sailfish you catch is your first, and you would like to have it mounted, we will measure it, release it, and have a replica made of your catch.

Most of the catches are made while using fishing kites – “kite fishing”. They keep the bait suspended on the surface. If you’re watching the baits you can see the most exciting action you’ve ever seen when the strike occurs. Kite fishing is not just for Sailfish. We also catch Mahi Mahi (Dolphin), Wahoo, Tuna, Kingfish and anything else that swims by. Winter is a busy time so please book in advance.


Prized as one of the best eating fish in South Florida, Dolphin can be caught year-round with the best months during spring and summer. Dolphins range from a few pounds to 30 – 40 pound range and up. They are often referred to as Dorado or Mahi Mahi and no other fish is more beautiful in the water!

Dolphin have bright blue, green and yellow colors all running together to form the most colorful fish in the ocean.  Although we catch Dolphin all year round, most of the bigger fish are caught during the spring while kite fishing for Sailfish. During the summer months, schools of Dolphin travel in the Gulfstream about 10-20 miles from shore. We head out looking for birds that are usually chasing schools of bait-fish or floating debris that the small fish hide under for protection.

The Dolphin is doing the same thing from underneath the water. Once spotted it doesn’t take much to catch a limit of 10 per person. These are referred to as schoolies and can range in size from 4-10 pounds. It is not uncommon to see a Blue Marlin or Swordfish come along and bust up a school. It’s pretty exciting to see a school of Dolphin running from one of these monsters!


Pound for pound, Tunas are some of the best fighting fish that swim the ocean blue. Our live bait chumming tactics have been proven year after year to produce trophy size Tuna migrating through our area.


Anchored up or drifting over Miami’s numerous wrecks and reefs can produce some of the best action on the water. You can find Snapper, Grouper, Cobia and Amberjacks lurking in the depths. Miami is home for many sunken shipwrecks. Most of them were sunk intentionally in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Some boats sunk in the 80’s were confiscated from the government for drug running and sunk in strategic locations.

These sunken shipwrecks have become a habitat for species such as Grouper, Mutton Snapper, Cobia, Amberjack, African Pompano, Permit and many others. We anchor up current of these structures and chum the fish to us. We usually have two rods on the bottom and two on the surface. The surface baits will catch Kingfish, Bonito, Tuna, Sailfish and Dorado.

BEWARE — you need to have some big muscles for this. Amberjacks and Groupers will fight harder than anything else when trying to get back to their home, and when they hit a massive tug of war begins. The Groupers here can weigh up to 50 pounds, but most are in the 25-pound class. All the bottom species are very good eating.



With all of the great sportfishing opportunities available in Miami and Southeast Florida, fly fishing fans will get plenty of targets to cast to. Whether its Mackerel or the occasional Sailfish in the winter, or Bonito and Dolphin in the summer, we have the tackle and tactics to make it happen.

Fly-fishing in the ocean can be very rewarding. During the winter we target Spanish Mackerel and Kingfish. We anchor on the reef with a live well full of live pilchards (a small baitfish). Chumming with the live bait keeps the fish schooled behind the boat. Ever caught a Sailfish on fly? Keep your eyes peeled because it is very common for them to swim up in the chum as well.

Summer months are great for big Bonito and Dolphin, and both very willing to take a fly. Bonitos run through here in large numbers and are 10 to 20-pound fish. This becomes quite the battle on a number 9-fly rod.

Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own gear (we know most fly fisherman prefer that) but it’s not necessary. We will supply everything you need but because this is very specialized you will need to mention it when booking the trip.

Women, children, beginners and professionals are all welcome on my boat. So, if you want to relax with family and friends, or entertain a client, your fishing adventure should begin aboard the FREE SPOOL!