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With all of the great sportfishing opportunities available in Miami and Southeast Florida, fly fishing fans will get plenty of targets to cast to. Whether its Mackerel or the occasional Sailfish in the winter, or Bonito and Dolphin in the summer, we have the tackle and tactics to make it happen.

Fly-fishing in the ocean can be very rewarding. During the winter we target Spanish Mackerel and Kingfish. We anchor on the reef with a live well full of live pilchards (a small baitfish). Chumming with the live bait keeps the fish schooled behind the boat. Ever caught a Sailfish on fly? Keep your eyes peeled because it is very common for them to swim up in the chum as well.

Summer months are great for big Bonito and Dolphin, and both very willing to take a fly. Bonitos run through here in large numbers and are 10 to 20-pound fish. This becomes quite the battle on a number 9-fly rod.

Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own gear (we know most fly fisherman prefer that) but it’s not necessary. We will supply everything you need but because this is very specialized you will need to mention it when booking the trip.

Women, children, beginners and professionals are all welcome on my boat. So, if you want to relax with family and friends, or entertain a client, your fishing adventure should begin aboard the FREE SPOOL!


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