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Enhance Your Fishing with These Tips

When you’re out fishing on the South Florida waters, there are tips worth remembering that will prove useful for deep sea fishing amateurs and even individuals that are avid anglers. Consider these tips next time you’re on the water.

Use your creativity with lures. When saltwater fishing is involved, the visibility may not be like that of freshwater. With that in mind, you’ll want to stick to a lure that clearly makes itself noticeable and does the best job of grabbing a fish’s attention. Think bright lures.

Be patient. A major thrill of a first time fishing experience is obviously reeling in the first catch. It’s worth remembering that the ocean is vast and open. If the fish aren’t tugging a few minutes after dropping a lure, don’t become discouraged. It’s not unusual for a fish to start tugging during the least expected moment, and the exhilaration of reeling it in is absolutely worth the wait.

Choose a fishing boat charter. By choosing a fishing boat like Free Spool, you’re virtually guaranteeing an experience that will leave lasting memories. The fishing boat captain has likely spent decades fine-tuning their knowledge of where the odds are the greatest in snagging a fish. These captains can also be indispensable in learning the best fishing techniques.

This update is by Free Spool Sport Fishing, a custom built 43’ Sports Fisherman Free Spool at Haulover Marina offering an exciting deep sea fishing experience for anyone including families, friends or business associates. Spearheaded by Miami native Captain Dennis Forgione. We fish for many different species of fish and we specialize in kite fishing for sailfish and mahi, live bait fishing for kingfish and other game fish. For more information on sport fishing Miami or to book a sport fishing charter Miami Beach trip, please call 305-582-5445.

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