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Sport Fishing Charter Miami Beach

Enjoy a Saltwater Fishing Experience


For a memorable saltwater fishing experience, it’s important to begin with the essentials: a fine reel and rod. With so many distinct options available, you may need to spend some time narrowing down your selection. Surf fishing, pier fishing, deep sea fishing, and saltwater bay fishing are a couple of examples of different types thatRead More

The Solitary Lifestyle of the Cobia


Lemonfish, crabeater, black salmon, these are just a couple of the names given to the cobia which, interestingly, is also known as the prodigal son. These fish are big at 170 pounds and their length can reach up to seventy inches. The cobia is distinguished by its extended spindle-shaped body, its dark brown hue, andRead More

The Nomadic Tuna


Most people recognize it as an often eaten canned food, but the tuna is indeed a fish, a saltwater one to be precise. Similar to the mackerel, tuna has the distinct ability to maintain its body temperature higher than the existing temperature of the water. Often seen swimming in warm water, the tuna continues toRead More

The Highly Hostile Triggerfish


The triggerfish “family” is made up of over thirty distinct species of vividly hued fish recognizable by their spots and lines. They can be found in the tropical and subtropical oceans of the world, typically spending their time near the coral reefs. Even with their attention-grabbing appearance and small size, there is much more toRead More