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Free Spool Sport Fishing

Finding the Right Fishing Rod


You’ve booked your deep sea fishing charter or you enjoyed the experience so much you’ve decided to venture out and get your gear. Your fishing rod can be considered as something of an extension of yourself, allowing you to connect with the water while also determining whether you snag a big catch. This short guideRead More

To Troll or to Jig?


If you’ve never been on a deep sea fishing trip, you can expect to enjoy a thrilling experience once a fish latches onto your lure. A bit of education before you head off can make the experience even better if you do find yourself trying to reel in a big catch. There are several typesRead More

The Unpredictable Tarpon


  The Unpredictable TarponThere are countless fish in the sea that will put a strong fight against anglers, and among these sea dwellers is the tarpon. It’s not unusual for anglers to spend nearly all of their lives perfecting their skills at catching the tarpon. With its stubborn and unpredictable nature, catching the fish isRead More

Reasons to Book a Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip


Have you ever entertained the thought of why it’s a wise choice to choose a deep sea charter fishing boat instead of finding a boat and exploring the seas on your own? There are several reasons why a charter makes a lot of sense, particularly if it’s your first time. When you choose a deepRead More

Meet the Man Behind Free Spool


Honest, reliable, and hardworking are three adjectives commonly associated with Miami native Captain Dennis. Dennis has been catching fish near Haulover Inlet for numerous years, beginning during his childhood when he would go out on the Tiki drift boat with his father, Captain Frank Forgione which was operated from 1957 to 1995 out of HauloverRead More

The Thrill of Shark Fishing


Shark fishing is definitely one of those activities where you can expect plenty of adrenaline and thrills. For anyone that wants put their skills to the test against these terrifying predators, it’s an unbelievable ride. The waters are full of different sharks that will challenge you, from the large hammerhead and blacktip to the intimidatingRead More

Getting Started with Bottom Fishing


Arguably one of the most reliable fishing techniques, bottom fishing involves catching fish that like to hang out close to the sea floor, as the name implies. Even though it’s viewed as more of a relaxed way of fishing, bottom fishing still necessitates important proficiency when it comes to drifting and anchoring. Because fish likeRead More

The Bad-Tempered Barracuda


If there’s another name that instills fear and respect in the sea as much as the great white shark does, the barracuda is certainly one of them. Recognized for its violent behavior, the barracuda is a ray-finned fish dwelling in the world’s tropical and subtropical oceans, typically spending its time near coral reefs and seagrass.Read More

The Beautifully Brazen Bonito


A relative of sorts of the tuna and mackerel, the bonito is a predatory fish that is also commonly known as the Sardini. Interestingly, the word ‘bonito’ is a commonly used adjective in Spanish which translates to “pretty” or “beautiful”. Even with its potentially Hispanic origins, the name of the bonito is believed to haveRead More

The Fierce Amberjack


Dwelling in the warmer areas of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean is the not so friendly amberjack, often referred to simply as AJ. Though the fish is referred to by its singular name of amberjack, there is a multitude of different amberjack types roaming the seas, such as the greater amberjacks swimming in theRead More