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Charter fishing Miami

Which Bait is Right for You ?


Most people know that if you’re expecting to catch any sea dwellers during a fishing trip, you’re going to need bait. While every fishing fan has a type of bait they like to use, live baits are among the most reliable in catching different species of fish. The examples we’ll be looking at only representRead More

Enjoy a Saltwater Fishing Experience


For a memorable saltwater fishing experience, it’s important to begin with the essentials: a fine reel and rod. With so many distinct options available, you may need to spend some time narrowing down your selection. Surf fishing, pier fishing, deep sea fishing, and saltwater bay fishing are a couple of examples of different types thatRead More

Get Ready to Go Reef Fishing


The success of a reef fishing trip starts by taking the time to scope out where the reefs lie, a step that can be considerably simplified by taking advantage of a depth finder. Maps are also a tried and true, surefire solution as many of them already have GPS coordinates printed on them. As isRead More

All About the Hammerhead


The hammerhead shark is one of the fish that you’ll easily recognize when you see it. The unique shape that earns the fish its name is known as a “cephalofoil”. Hammerheads dwell in waters throughout the world where the water is warm. A hammerhead sharks can vary in its size, from a mere three feetRead More

The Snappy Snapper


The snapper is practically matchless when it comes to how many different species there are of the fish. Over 100 distinct species can be found throughout the waters of the world, and some of them have developed a reputation for being very important food fish. Snappers usually dwell in tropical and subtropical areas of theRead More

The Bad-Tempered Barracuda


If there’s another name that instills fear and respect in the sea as much as the great white shark does, the barracuda is certainly one of them. Recognized for its violent behavior, the barracuda is a ray-finned fish dwelling in the world’s tropical and subtropical oceans, typically spending its time near coral reefs and seagrass.Read More

The Magnificent Mako Shark


Also going by the name of the grey-blue shark, the mako shark is actually two species called the shortfin mako shark and longfin mako shark, the latter largely regarded as the rarer species. Both of these fish types can measure from eight feet to a whopping fourteen feet in length and they are able toRead More

Do You Know About the Blue Marlin?


South Floridians may need little introduction to the Atlantic blue marlin. With its pointy and elongated bill, it can be easily mistaken for a swordfish. In fact, similar to the swordfish, the blue marlin uses its bill to catch its prey by stunning, injuring, or even killing it. The blue marlin also uses its billRead More

The Gargantuan Grouper


The name “grouper” isn’t so much a specific fish as it is a broader term for a species of fish called the Epinephelina, a subfamily that also includes a familiar name: the sea bass. The name “grouper” is believed to have originated in Portugal. Similar to several other types of fish, the grouper has aRead More

The “Ambivalent” Blacktip Shark


To find the blacktip shark, just explore the shallow waters or offshore of Miami Beach. The fish can be recognized by its long gill slits, pointed snout, no ridges between its dorsal fins, and a black tip on the fin that is responsible for the fish’s name. Some blacktip sharks are able to reach lengthsRead More