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Charter Fishing Miami Beach

Shark Fishing in Miami Beach


Miami Beach has some of the best sharking fishing in Florida, which is why it is such popular adventure for Miami locals and visitors. There is no greater thrill than going to battle with a creature at the top of the ocean’s food chain! We fish for all types of sharks on our Miami DeepRead More

Coral Reefs of Florida


  Florida is the only state in the continental United States with extensive shallow coral reef formations near its coasts. Coral reefs create specialized habitats that provide shelter, food, and breeding sites for numerous plants and animals. This includes ones important to fishing like spiny lobster, snapper, and grouper. Coral reefs lay the foundation ofRead More

Preparing for King Tides


The King Tides are the highest predicted high tides of the year. King Tides are technically called “perigean spring tides,” but they occur in both the spring and fall seasons. In fact, the highest tides in southeast Florida occur in the fall, in part because the water is warmer and the seasonal winds drive waterRead More

The Highly Hostile Triggerfish


The triggerfish “family” is made up of over thirty distinct species of vividly hued fish recognizable by their spots and lines. They can be found in the tropical and subtropical oceans of the world, typically spending their time near the coral reefs. Even with their attention-grabbing appearance and small size, there is much more toRead More