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The Unpredictable Tarpon


The Unpredictable TarponThere are countless fish in the sea that will put a strong fight against anglers, and among these sea dwellers is the tarpon. It’s not unusual for anglers to spend nearly all of their lives perfecting their skills at catching the tarpon. With its stubborn and unpredictable nature, catching the fish is no easy feat.

Tarpon is known for performing some impressive acrobatics in the air, but anglers still have to be aware of where the fish can be found and what are the best times to try and catch it. In Miami, the months of January to May tend to be when tarpon are out and swimming about in the largest numbers before they seemingly start to retreat come July. Government Cut and Haulover Inlet are a part of South Florida spots where tarpon like to spend their time.

For tarpon bait, mullet and small crabs are great options, but winter shrimp runs are another worthwhile option. Tarpon like to have their meals throughout the day, but for those that like to fish in the cloak of darkness, the fish may be slightly easier to catch since it will have a tougher time discerning fishing lines since there is no light of day.

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This update is by Free Spool Sport Fishing, a custom built 43’ Sports Fisherman Free Spool at Haulover Marina offering an exciting deep sea fishing experience for anyone including families, friends or business associates. Spearheaded by Miami native Captain Dennis Forgione. We fish for many different species of fish and we specialize in kite fishing for sailfish and mahi, live bait fishing for kingfish and other game fish. For more information on sport fishing Miami or to book a trip, please call 305-582-5445.

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