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Catching Live Bait in Saltwater

Fishing with live bait is the most popular way to land many species of fish in Florida, especially saltwater fishing. Feeding fish what they eat is the key.

Catching live bait is a lot of fun and done by most anglers because it is by far the best bait for saltwater fishing. There are many ways to catch live bait with two of the most popular choices below. Please note that you must have a fishing license to collect bait!

Cast Netting

Cast nets or bait nets are used to catch live bait fish and shrimp. They come in many sizes, the larger the cast net the more skill it takes to throw it, but you do catch more bait. It does take a lot of practice to throw one correctly. Use cast nets when you find bait fish in large numbers. Also look for flocks of birds over the water and slowly motor up to the frenzy and throw your net on the bait. If you are on the shore, any tidal pools or lagoons usually hold plenty of bait escaping the surf.

It is very important be wary of currents and do not let the current take your net! An incredible amount of cast nets are removed from reefs each year that were dropped by recreational anglers. Discarded nets can entangle wildlife and divers.


Sabiki Rigs

Sabiki rigs are purchased pre-hooked leader lines with lots of tiny hooks on them to catch bait fish. You attach the rig to your fishing line and toss the setup into schools of bait. These Sabiki rigs are very effective because they usually have shinny sparkles on the hooks and the bait fish just dive on them like magic. They are easily tangled and the little hooks are very sharp, so care should be taken when using this method for catching bait.

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