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Fishing Report

Great Mahi Mahi Fishing Miami

Great Mahi Mahi Fishing Miami with Capt. Dennis and crew on the Free Spool. The Mahi or Dolphin Fish are migrating south this time of year. The Dolphin have been coming through close to shore. We have been catching nice gaffer size fish just two to three miles off the beach. We have been finding the best fishing in less than 400 foot of water.

Mahi Mahi Methods

Trolling with lures, feathers and rigged Ballyhoo have been the most effective way to catch Great Mahi Mahi Fishing Miami. We locate the fish trolling under birds, floating weed patches and other floating objects. Once the fish are located we stop the boat and switch gear. We use lighter spinning tackle with 8lb line to 30lb line, depending on the size of the fish.

The Bait

The best baits for casting the lighter spinning outfits to the Mahi Mahi are live Pilchards or small Blue Runners. Another great Mahi Mahi fishing Miami bait is cut Tuna or Bonita. Mahi Mahi just go crazy when the get the sent of fresh cut Bonita.

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