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The Ultra Speedy Sailfish

Sailfish like to hang out in warmer parts of the ocean around the world. A type of billfish, they can be distinguished by their blue to gray color, the large dorsal fin appropriately called a sail and an elongated bill that almost makes them look like a swordfish. In some fishing circles choose they are referred to as billfish.

Sailfish are divided into a pair of types known as the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific. Despite their different classification, both types share near identical DNA, so they’re typically referred to by one name. Sailfish experience rapid growth. In just a year, it can reach up to five feet in length. They’re often seen feeding close to the surface of the water or at middle depths, munching on bites like squid or smaller forage fish. Their jumping ability is quite incredible.

Though they don’t usually travel that fast, sailfish can reach close to fifty miles per hour, among the highest of any organism! The large sails are usually folded to one side but may appear upright if the fish is excited or feels threatened.

This update is by Free Spool Sport Fishing, a custom built 43’ Sports Fisherman Free Spool at Haulover Marina offering an exciting deep sea fishing experience for anyone including families, friends or business associates. Spearheaded by Miami native Captain Dennis Forgione. We fish for many different species of fish and we specialize in kite fishing for sailfish and mahi, live bait fishing for kingfish and other game fish. For more information on sport fishing Miami or to book a charter fishing Miami trip, please call 305-582-5445.

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