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Finding the Right Fishing Rod

You’ve booked your deep sea fishing charter or you enjoyed the experience so much you’ve decided to venture out and get your gear. Your fishing rod can be considered as something of an extension of yourself, allowing you to connect with the water while also determining whether you snag a big catch. This short guide will give you an idea of fishing rod types out there and what may work best.

Let’s begin with the length of the fishing rod, which is typically four to fourteen feet long. The shorter rods are intended for short distances as you might guess and make use of light lures. They’re also good for trolling and are easier to maneuver. Long rods, on the other hand, cast farther out and are great for shoreline fishing. They are commonly used in fly fishing.

Nowadays, fishing rod material is made from a multitude of different materials, such as graphite, fiberglass or an alloy. These materials will affect rod functionality and how they are used. Graphite, for instance, is light and stiff, which results in greater sensitivity. Fiberglass rods have greater weight but provide excellent flexibility and durability.

Moving on to the reel, you typically have two options. Spinning will do most of the work for you but it provides less control. It’s great for beginners who are still learning the ropes. There are fewer chances of tangling and they work great with light lures and baits. If spinning is cruise control then casting is the manual version. You’ll have greater control as your thing will dictate where your thumb goes.

This update is by Free Spool Sport Fishing, a custom built 43’ Sports Fisherman Free Spool at Haulover Marina offering an exciting deep sea fishing experience for anyone including families, friends or business associates. Spearheaded by Miami native Captain Dennis Forgione. We fish for many different species of fish and we specialize in kite fishing for sailfish and mahi, live bait fishing for kingfish and other game fish. For more information on sport fishing Miami, sailfishing Miami, or to book a trip, please call 305-582-5445.

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