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Fishing Report

The Gargantuan Grouper


The name “grouper” isn’t so much a specific fish as it is a broader term for a species of fish called the Epinephelina, a subfamily that also includes a familiar name: the sea bass. The name “grouper” is believed to have originated in Portugal. Similar to several other types of fish, the grouper has aRead More

The “Ambivalent” Blacktip Shark


To find the blacktip shark, just explore the shallow waters or offshore of Miami Beach. The fish can be recognized by its long gill slits, pointed snout, no ridges between its dorsal fins, and a black tip on the fin that is responsible for the fish’s name. Some blacktip sharks are able to reach lengthsRead More

The Fierce Amberjack


Dwelling in the warmer areas of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean is the not so friendly amberjack, often referred to simply as AJ. Though the fish is referred to by its singular name of amberjack, there is a multitude of different amberjack types roaming the seas, such as the greater amberjacks swimming in theRead More

The Colorful Mahi-Mahi


Also recognized by its name of dolphinfish the mahi-mahi is largely found swimming close to the water’s surface in temperate and tropical waters. Being a ray-finned fish, the fins are comprised of webs of skin with spine support. Mahi-mahi belongs to the same family as the pompano dolphinfish. The curious name of the fish isRead More

Take on the Wahoo


There is a lot more to the wahoo than just its fun, peculiar name. For avid sport fishing aficionados, this fish continues to be one of the most popular fish to catch. The wahoo has earned notoriety for its speed and has developed a reputation as a highly prized game fish. Although it is commonlyRead More

Spanish Mackerel have arrived in Miami


Spanish Mackerels are biting so now is the time to enjoy this healthy and delicious fish. Not only is Spanish Mackerel one of the tastiest of the Mackerel family, it is also has huge health benefits as it is a rich source for Omega-3 fatty acids. This fish is easy to fillet and easy to cook.Read More

Fishing With The Legendary Captain Wild Bill


                   It was an honor to spend a day on the water with the legendary Captain Wild Bill, star of Discovery Channel’s award-winning Deadliest Catch.  Wild Bill is a Navy veteran, a captain, a commercial fisherman, and an all-around great guy. This fishing trip is one thatRead More

Florida Loses a Legend


Florida Sportsman founder Karl Wickstrom 82, passed away Monday night in Stuart, Florida.  The cause of death has not been determined, however, Wickstrom was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Wickstrom devoted his life to marine conservation efforts and advocating for the rights of recreational anglers.  He was a graduate of the University of Florida withRead More

School’s out for summer… let’s go fishing!


Parents… are you looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer?  Let’s go fishing with Capt Dennis Forgione and his crew aboard the charter boat Free Spool!  Fishing is a sport for men, women, girls and boys of all ages and skill levels. You and your kids can have the entire fishingRead More

Opening Day of Grouper season with the Shenanigans Crew


On Tuesday, May 1st, Patrick Utter, owner of Shenanigans Sports Bar in Hollywood and Shenanigans Eastside Pub & BBQ in Dania Beach, booked a fishing trip on the opening day of grouper season.  Patrick brought along his 10 year old son Matthew, Jeremy Partridge, who has worked side by side with him for 26 years, DaleRead More

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