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The Solitary Lifestyle of the Cobia


Lemonfish, crabeater, black salmon, these are just a couple of the names given to the cobia which, interestingly, is also known as the prodigal son. These fish are big at 170 pounds and their length can reach up to seventy inches. The cobia is distinguished by its extended spindle-shaped body, its dark brown hue, andRead More

The Snappy Snapper


The snapper is practically matchless when it comes to how many different species there are of the fish. Over 100 distinct species can be found throughout the waters of the world, and some of them have developed a reputation for being very important food fish. Snappers usually dwell in tropical and subtropical areas of theRead More

The Nomadic Tuna


Most people recognize it as an often eaten canned food, but the tuna is indeed a fish, a saltwater one to be precise. Similar to the mackerel, tuna has the distinct ability to maintain its body temperature higher than the existing temperature of the water. Often seen swimming in warm water, the tuna continues toRead More

The Bad-Tempered Barracuda


If there’s another name that instills fear and respect in the sea as much as the great white shark does, the barracuda is certainly one of them. Recognized for its violent behavior, the barracuda is a ray-finned fish dwelling in the world’s tropical and subtropical oceans, typically spending its time near coral reefs and seagrass.Read More

The Magnificent Mako Shark


Also going by the name of the grey-blue shark, the mako shark is actually two species called the shortfin mako shark and longfin mako shark, the latter largely regarded as the rarer species. Both of these fish types can measure from eight feet to a whopping fourteen feet in length and they are able toRead More

Do You Know About the Blue Marlin?


South Floridians may need little introduction to the Atlantic blue marlin. With its pointy and elongated bill, it can be easily mistaken for a swordfish. In fact, similar to the swordfish, the blue marlin uses its bill to catch its prey by stunning, injuring, or even killing it. The blue marlin also uses its billRead More

The Beautifully Brazen Bonito


A relative of sorts of the tuna and mackerel, the bonito is a predatory fish that is also commonly known as the Sardini. Interestingly, the word ‘bonito’ is a commonly used adjective in Spanish which translates to “pretty” or “beautiful”. Even with its potentially Hispanic origins, the name of the bonito is believed to haveRead More