Wahoo: The Prize Fish of the Ocean

Not only does the wahoo have a really cool name, it’s also one of the most popular fish when it comes to sport fishing. Known for its high quality as well as its speed, it has developed a reputation as a prize game fish. While we may call it wahoo, the fish does go by other names. In Hawaii, for example, it’s known by the more ominous name of “ono”, while many Central American and Caribbean areas tend to call it the “peto”.

For pescatarians or those who like to incorporate fish into their diet, the wahoo is highly regarded for its taste, which is said to be similar to that of a mackerel. Because of this, the wahoo maintains a strong demand. These fish can grow to about eight feet in length and in can weigh as much as 200 pounds! However, no one has yet to catch such a fish. The largest one ever to be caught weighed a whopping 158 pounds.

While it’s typically a loner, wahoo does sometimes hang around in schools of up to 100 fish, but these are rare cases. With its speed and strength, it’s definitely a catch for those with experience. The wahoo can reach speeds of up to sixty miles per hour and they are also known for their aggressiveness. With its bladelike fins, it can cruise through the water incredibly fast.

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