The Fierce Bluefish

To find the bluefish, you’ll need to explore the world’s subtropical and temperate waters, except the northern Pacific Ocean which the fish does not inhabit. While we call it bluefish, it is also known as elf, shad, tailor, chopper, and anchoa in other parts of the world. The fish is also referred to by the even simpler name of “blue”.

The bluefish can be identified by its broad, forked tail. It is a highly popular game fish known for its fierce aggressiveness. Bluefish tend to range in size from the smaller “snapper” which is seven inches to much larger ones that can weigh over 35 pounds in some cases.

Take a close look at the bluefish and you’ll notice its razor sharp, single row of teeth resembling the edge of a knife. With its penchant for aggressiveness, it is also incredibly strong and can be seen as part of loose groups. They are also swift swimmers, using their sharp teeth and speed to prey on forage fish, attacking them in ferocious frenzies. As a matter of fact, the fish is so aggressive, there have been moments where the bluefish will consume its young, turning to cannibalism.

Knowing just how strong and fierce the bluefish can be, it is staunchly suggested to hold bluefish with extreme care as they can very easily bite someone’s hand and cause significant injury. There are stories galore of fishermen being bitten seriously. On that note, make sure you’re not in the water when schools of bluefish are feeding.

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