The Challenging Blacktip Shark

To find the blacktip shark, all you need to do is explore the shallow waters and just offshore of Miami Beach and Miami. This sea dweller is easily recognized by its lengthy gill slits, pointy snout, the lack of ridges between the dorsal fins, and the black tip on the fin that gives the blacktip shark its fearsome name. The average blacktip shark is capable of reaching a length of over seven feet!

The Blacktip shark is considered energetic, swift, and they are also known for leaping out of the water in a spinning motion to munch down on schools of fish. Even with these abilities, the blacktip shark is considered “bashful” in demeanor. In fact, even though they look imposing in appearance, these sharks tend to be leery of humans. Do not underestimate them, however. If a human is close to a blacktip shark’s source of food, it is more than capable of dropping its wariness of humans. The shark will attack if necessary.

Because of their strong bodies, the blacktip shark will provide a sizeable challenge when it comes to catching them. With their size, catching them on spinning tackle will take some degree of experience and skill. Because of this, they are among the finest fighting fish in South Florida and will likely satisfy those who are ready to face the challenges these sharks are known for.

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