Don’t Underestimate the Amberjack

amberjack-1The amberjack is often given the acronym of AJ. It is a fish that dwells in the warmer parts of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Although it’s known simply as amberjack, there is a surprisingly large amount of amberjacks swimming the ocean, including the greater amberjacks of the Atlantic to the lesser amberjacks, banded rudderfish. Yellowtail, and the Almaco jack.

As you might guess from the name, the greater amberjack is the largest type of amberjack. You can see its differences by the dark stripes extending from its nose to the dorsal fins and the fact that there are no scutes on the fish. These greater amberjacks weigh are about forty pounds and usually hang out in rocky reefs or close to debris.

Lesser amberjacks aren’t as large as their greater siblings, yet their eyes are proportionately larger and their bodies are deeper, interestingly enough. The lesser amberjack is identified by its olive-green to brownish-black color and its sides consisting of silver hues. They may weigh less than ten pounds, yet lesser amberjacks are fierce predators, and are usually spotted munching on crustaceans, squid, and other fish.

Speaking of fierce, fishermen of all skill levels will quickly notice the amberjack’s ability to put up a hefty fight. Broken lines are quite common among novice sport fishing Miami fishermen that underestimate the amberjack’s strength.

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