Don’t Mess with the Triggerfish

There are over thirty unique species of triggerfish, a brightly colored sea dweller easily identified by its intriguingly colorful spots and lines. You’ll find them in the tropical and subtropical oceans of the world, typically spending their time close to the coral reefs.

Despite their eye-catching and innocent looking appearance, the triggerfish is not your average fish in the sea. They have powerfully sharp teeth that are used for crushing shells and they’ve also developed a reputation for being quite grumpy. To protect themselves from predators, the fish has two dorsal fins. The first one is kept in place by the second fin, and it’s only by depressing the second that the one first is “triggered”, hence why it’s called a triggerfish.

There are some species of triggerfish known for being extremely territorial and combative. The titan and Picasso species, for example, will aggressively defend their nests and they have no issue with sinking their teeth into humans that get too close. As a matter of fact, these fish will go toe-to-toe with other fish in a school should they feel threatened. With such an ill-tempered nature, the triggerfish sort of lives by a “survival of the fittest” code.

Considering their irritable nature, triggerfish are strong fighters on light tackle and on spinning rods. Inexperienced fishers using deep-sea fishing rods should be in for quite the surprise despite the fish’s small size.

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